Give a Dream Dress a New Home

Big News! This Friday from 5pm is the Great Sutton Street street party! (What a mouth full!)

Friday the 17th of August from  5pm -10pm at The Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell. There’s going to be vintage 50/60s clothing and kitchen ware stalls, gourmet scotch eggs, the bourbon boutique and a Tiki bar out side! Plus after the festival me and the rest of the LoveLives will be dj’ing all the hits till late into the night! I’ve posted a sneak peek of just some of the amazing vintage I’ll be selling below. Plus you can add me on Instagram (youwereneverlovelier) for even more sneak peeks and lots of other lovely photos too.

Are you sweet, saucy, or sparkly? 

Requests for both clothes and songs welcome. xx


Bank Holidays & Birthdays

2 Bank holidays, 3 birthdays, 2 days of Camden Crawl, 1 newly formed band, 2 bottles of Crazy colour, lots of time in the sun, millions of hours of work, all makes a girl very tired and extremely happy. xx

The ultra amazing Soho’s Secret Tea Room

Ally’s birthday afternoon Champaign tea

Inspired by Izzy’s watermelon thumb nails I gave it a try myself. Turns out I can do a watermelon manicure. Score!

Charlotte and I as photographed by Idol Magazine in London Fields. Notice the new Pine Green tips. For those keeping track that’s my third shade of Crazy Colour…

Frederica with her super cute bike and basket full of organic cookies

Holly and I trucked it out to zone 5 to play in fields and get arty in Oakwood

Camden sailors!

Josh, Justin, and I hardly working at the Camden Crawl

Always finish with a sunset ♥

What I’m Wearing – Southbank

At dusk along the Southbank

This past friday my lovely friend Sarah and I were lucky enough to see Brian Cox speak at the National theatre. We also checked out the Angelheaded Hipsters photography exhibition and generally swanned about in the unusual bit of cold sun. It was just perfect. I also think I subconsciously dressed for the water. My dip died denim looks like I waded into the sea up to my knees, my vintage boater hat (In case I ended up on a boat!?) and of course my sea-foam green hair. Being as it was still quite cold my favourite old man coat got thrown into the ensemble too…

A Hat (or Two) For Valentines

Heart Shaped Hats by Topsy Turvy (modeled by me) and Burdekins (modeled by Kelly Marie)

So it goes without saying that I love a good hat. I also have a love for ‘special occasion’ hats. I have Easter bonnets, Christmas fascinators, and of course Valentines ones. Most of my hats are vintage, but for Valentines ones I find Esty has the best to offer. Here are my two favourites:

Last year I bought myself a hat from Topsy Turvy Design (thats me wearing it on Valentines day last year above). Topsy Turvey is a labour of love for milliner Kim Brown-Dye, who is based in America but happily ships to the UK. There are so many amazing hats on this site I really must get around to buying another one soon! She no longer makes the heart shaped hat I own however there are lots of fun heat shaped versions including leopard prints and my personal favourite The Sweetheart, which reminds me of a perfect vintage Valentine card. She also does a doily and chocolates fascinator called Sweets for My Sweet Valentine, its lovely too but for chocolate hats no one does it better than Burdekins.

Burdekins is new to Esty, but Kelly Marie (the lovely lady behind the label) has been making fantastic hats and pins for years now. Kelly Marie creates each individual ‘chocolate’ by hand and they are made from recycled Satins and Nylon taken from vintage garments and lingerie. Vintage feel and environmentally conscious. Does it get any better!? Last year I was lucky enough to receive one of her yummy chocolate pins for my birthday straight from the lady herself.

My Burdekin Chocolate Pin. Completely hand-made and so delectable!

Hopefully these pins will be added to her Esty soon too. In the meantime be sure to snap up one of her amazing and delicate fascinators in time for Valentines!

Is this too far?

Last night me, Dan, and some other trouble makers stayed up way past bedtime on a school night. So this morning Dan and I had to go to work ridiculously tired and in very silly/strange moods. It apparently came out in our outfits. Keep in mind we did not actually wear said outfits to work. We just both kind of piled stuff on as the day went and then bought everything and walked home. Too much of a look?

May14th tired dan May14th tired Ella

Dan’s kind of got a 70’s NYC hustler thing going on and I’m not too sure where I’ve gone with this one other then to say I love a good hat to the end. Over all I actual really like what we have done here. However it may just be that I’ve lost my judgment along with the sleep. Hmmm.

Either way the new hat deserves a close up:

May13th close up

Also I got fancy with my bright nail colors and quite like the result.



Mad hatters

Tonight was the East End Lights at Beyond Retro featuring the work of Stephen Jones. The event was ram packed with lovely ladies and gents sporting more hats than ladies day at Royal Ascot! I was lucky enough to meet some real characters tonight who I’ll be writing about this weekend but at the moment I am beat so here are some of the highlights hat wise from tonight. Enjoy! I sure did.

May7th hats 1 May7th hats 2

May7th hats 3 May7th hats 4

May7th hats 5 May7th hats 6

May7th hats 7 May7th hats 8

May7th hats 9 May7th hats 10

Stephen Jones at Beyond Retro

We have just announced this on the blog so I can finally tell everyone about it. We are doing at hat themed East End Lights! I AM SO EXCITED!


I should explain for anyone who is not familiar with me that I am obsessed with hats. OBSESSED. I own more than anyone you have ever met and continue to amass more at an alarming rate which shows no sign of stopping. So of course I am beyond excited to see what work Stephen Jones submits to this project. I’ll admit I’m also looking forward to seeing what Piers Atkinson puts forth. Although I tend to find Piers stuff to over the top in a Party Monster sort of way for me personally, I have recently fallen in love with a few pieces of his:

keily-atkinson-aw09-16c look-19

Both hats from the Piers Atkinson Autumn/Winter 09

I do love a bit of retro kitch and these speak to that part of my personality. I’d love to brake out one of my favorite 50’s dresses and pop on the blond pin curl headband to add a modern dash. The mini Mickey bowler could go a bit circus or even add humor to an androgynous suit.

Oh and almost forgot to mention: the night of the event, May 7th, Beyond Retro will be giving away prizes for the best hats. I love the idea of a sea of people all swanning around in amazing hats. Now that only leaves the massive decision of which hat to wear…