Shaking Things Up!

Hello ! Long time no see!


Admittedly it’s been a few years since I’ve logged into this little corner of the internet. Life got in the way, my interests changed,  and I never seemed to make  time for it (though I’ve thought of reviving it from time to time). What better time then now?

Over the next little while the look will change, as will the direction. Although I still love dressing up my focus has shifted to a different creative area: Interiors. Perhaps it is a natural shift  as I’ve gotten older and finally have a place I don’t have to share with flatmates! This has allowed me to not only nest in my own little place, but it’s also ignited a real interest in interior design I didn’t know I had! One I plan to explore here.

I’ll be keeping all the old blog posts in tact. They are a part of my past and I still really enjoy them. I hope you do too and I hope that you’ll follow me forward to this new faze of You Were Never Lovelier.

If you can’t wait for the update you can also find me on Pinterest and my favorite social platform Instagram or just drop a question or comment below!

Ella x


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