The Deep Blue Sea

So yesterday Charlotte and I finally went to the & Other Stories store on Regent st. I think perhaps it was a mistake on our part to go so long after the opening. It was very heavily picked over and clearly most of the good bits were long gone (though why it has yet to be restocked I’m not sure?). I did buy one tiny piece which i’m very pleased with: This wave printed headband.

wave alice band

I love the 80’s shape and size (In fact I see 80’s headbands both puffy and jewel covered making a big come back this summer. I’m calling 80’s headbands, tiaras a la Courtney, and bindis to replace the usual summer feathers and flower headdresses) but I also love the photo wave prints summer vibe. So this morning I based my whole outfit around the mermaid summer feeling despite the cold. It is Spring Equinox today after all…

Wave Collage

Alice Band & Other Stories, Coin Necklace Powder Hill, Claw Necklace Instant Vintage Lace Top H&M, Dip Dye Sweater Topshop, Floral Trousers H&M, Denim Backpack Topshop, Trainers ASOS, (except for the gold I was having a high street kind of a day)


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