‘Iona You’re Gonna O.D. On Nostalgia…’

Recently I’ve been through one of the hardest times of my life.

As a result of a lot of changes I’ve decided to sell some of my vintage. Lou Lou says the universe only takes away things you aren’t suppose to have or don’t need. I agree. (I’m paraphrasing Lou Lou, she says it so much better. You really should read her writing). So since this is the one parting I can control I’m choosing to make this a positive one.

I’ve always held on to clothes I no longer wear for mostly sentimental reasons, most women do. They are like old friends. I’m taking a breath, then giving them each a big hug before we head off in separate directions and onto new adventures. The times I had with these dreamy dresses (and blouses, and swimwear!). I hope that they inspire you to take one for a dance, a swim, a romance, a something that makes you smile every time you see it in your closet and want to take it out again and again.

Lots of my swishy sparkly things will be for sale at the Great Sutton Street Street Party at TheSlaughtered Lamb this Friday and many more of my lovely dresses and bits will be for sale both on ASOS Marketplace as well as Ebay in the coming months. So please take a look, dream about where you’ll take them. All of these I bought vintage or second-hand so they all had adventures before me and I love to imagine the ones they will have next. They are all there waiting for you.

Except this one.

Charlotte (who wonderfully and generously helped me photograph all of these) suggested I let myself keep one from the pile. As soon as this one came out we both realized it had to be the one. It seems fitting you see, as I remade this dress from another woman’s bridesmaids dress, another lovely memory. The thing is I have yet to take this dress out for a special moment. So I’m hanging it on my wall as a promise to myself, a goal. I’m going to keep it there until I feel better, till I feel stronger, till I feel back to my adventitious self.

I’m nearly there. I’m almost ready to put on a loud pink dress and go dancing like no one is looking.

Wish me luck.



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