Palm Trees & Leopards (even more nail art)

It shows no signs of stopping people!! I just keep finding more things to paint on my nails…

Acid Green Leopard Print Nails

Both of these are from a few weeks back but I’ve been busy and just getting around to posting them now. Better late then never. The acid leopard print came out particularly well I thought. I also found it very funny when someone recently pointed out that  Beyonce on the cover of Dazed had the same nails. Amazing. Think I’m going to do this one again soon, only with a bright yellow background instead. It’s actual much easier than it looks.

Sunset Palm Tree Nails

The palm trees were a challenge and I totally love a challenge. I also love how these worked out. Perfect high summer fun. Thinking of doing a western style cactus silhouette next…yee haw!


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