Bank Holidays & Birthdays

2 Bank holidays, 3 birthdays, 2 days of Camden Crawl, 1 newly formed band, 2 bottles of Crazy colour, lots of time in the sun, millions of hours of work, all makes a girl very tired and extremely happy. xx

The ultra amazing Soho’s Secret Tea Room

Ally’s birthday afternoon Champaign tea

Inspired by Izzy’s watermelon thumb nails I gave it a try myself. Turns out I can do a watermelon manicure. Score!

Charlotte and I as photographed by Idol Magazine in London Fields. Notice the new Pine Green tips. For those keeping track that’s my third shade of Crazy Colour…

Frederica with her super cute bike and basket full of organic cookies

Holly and I trucked it out to zone 5 to play in fields and get arty in Oakwood

Camden sailors!

Josh, Justin, and I hardly working at the Camden Crawl

Always finish with a sunset ♥


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