Dear ASOS…I Feel Ripped Off.

I’m actually really sad to be writing this. I’ve been ordering stuff pretty regularly from ASOS for the last few years and I’ve never had any problems. In fact I’ve loved basically everything I’ve ever gotten from them, had no problems, and recommended them to friends and on this blog. Then I bought these shoes from them.

On January 30th I bought my dream shoes from ASOS to wear to my birthday party. They arrived on time and I totally loved them. But during my birthday the sole broke away from the rest of the shoe and I had to go home and change shoes.

The broken ASOS shoe at my birthday party, the first of three times they broke.

I though surely the glue job on the one shoe must have been bad so I took them to the cobbler and had them re-glued. Once I got them back I tried to wear them again. I hadn’t even gotten to the end of my street when the other shoe broke in the same manner! I was still wildly in love the shoes so I took the other shoe and had it re-glued. Third and final time I tried to wear them and ten minutes out of the house the shoes broke again. In the exact same way. At this point I’m pretty annoyed as the shoes are obviously a faulty design. But I thought, I’ll just write to ASOS. They have an excellent customer service record and I’m sure they will want to correct this bad experience right?

Well not exactly.

I wrote ASOS and explained the story. A few hours later I got back an email stating that because I had tried to have the shoes repaired they could not really help me but would give me a ten percent discount on my next order. Now I appreciate the discount but I’m still feeling very ripped off. It’s not like I attacked the shoes myself and tried to fix them. I took them to a professional cobbler to have them re-glued. Twice. At my own expense. I’m also sure that I am far from the only person who had this problem with this pair of shoes. Plus at 45 pounds a pop and as they are ASOS’s own brand I’d expect better quality. I also might have been less upset if the letter had felt like something more than a form letter. How about ‘sorry the shoes broke on your birthday, that’s awful’, as opposed to ‘I’m very sorry for any inconvenience caused’ which was so impersonal. So I wrote back again stating that I really felt they should do something more as the shoes are faulty and I’ve had them less than two months. I got no answer to this. No discount code arrived in my email. So more than 24 hours later I wrote back again, stating that no one had bothered to respond to me and that I got no discount code. What I got back was disgraceful. Another form letter, saying basically the same thing and claiming the discount code must be in my junk mail. It was not, being as I’ve actually used email before I’d thought to check my junk mail before writing ASOS. No apology for the rotten time, no personal anything and no I’m sorry. How hard is it to say sorry!? Hun ASOS? Is it just that you have so many customers you don’t care if a few get upset or feel completely ripped off? Guess that’s the case because when I wrote back, again, saying that I was upset and still had no discount code I got no letter back, just an automated response with a 10 percent discount code. That’s it.

Now I’m not going to lie. I might buy things from ASOS again, I still really like their clothes and previous to this have had nothing but good experiences with them. However they have gone down in my estimation, massively, and I will no longer recommend them ever, and I will never, ever buy shoes from them again.

ASOS, I’m so disappointed.


3 thoughts on “Dear ASOS…I Feel Ripped Off.

  1. Really surprised at this because usually their customer service is amazing! It’s such a shame about those shoes because I LOVE THEM. They’re gorgeous! Booooo x

  2. ooh, sorry to hear about that, what a bummer.. i work in retail and we get so much training in customer service, you don’t realize how essential it is until you get something like the asos response!
    i always wonder why i don’t buy more stuff online but my problem is usually that whatever i order looks amazing in the photos and then im disappointed on its arrival, not exactly the same problem as yours but still disappointing :/

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