The Best Of The 90’s – Dalston Street Style

I’ve been working like a maniac since I got back from Canada but I finally had a day off today and I got to spend it with some of the best dressed and most creative ladies I am lucky enough to know.

Ellie May has always had an eye for fashion, she’s usually got a hand in the fashion world too. In fact this summer Ellie May and her equally fashion forward friend Molly will be opening a new exciting vintage concept store in Dalston, kicking off with the website launch in a few weeks. I’ll post the site here as soon as its up as you defiantly won’t want to miss this!

Ellie May always sports the best rings, often found at junk sales and occasionally on the amazing but not well-known iOffer site.

Rudie, Ellie May’s constant companion, will be helping out with the shop too. Well, he will be hanging out there anyway.

Being as he’s always dressed head to toe in black Rudie’s a massive Goth, so of course he’s got a mega studded collar with a little silver cross. Obviously.

Florence plays in the band Paradise when not working one of the ten or so jobs she holds down. The fact that she always looks fresh, stylish, and finds time to see her friends pretty much blows my mind.

Florence always wears her heart on her sleeve (it’s one of the things I really love about her), she also wears this beautiful yet tough silver heart locket around her neck. I think its perfect for her.

I built this whole outfit around the super round sunglasses I picked up in Angel yesterday. The shape is very 20’s but can go a bit grunge too I think. I’ve also dyed my tips green this morning, a little nod to spring. In fact I’ve kind of been in love with anything green at the moment.

I love a good knuckle duster too. I actually have quite a few (yup, yet another thing I collect). I don’t wear this one too often but it felt right today. A little rough chain to offset all that lace. You got to have balance right?


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