Candy Stripe Nails

So yesterday I headed out to Paks on Ridley Road to pick up more Crazy Colour in Sky Blue (got to keep my dip dye fresh!) and while I was wondering around the massive place I came across ‘Art Deco Nail lacquer’ which has a special tip for nail art.

Crazy Colour & Art Deco Nail Lacquer

At 99p I thought it was worth a try. So I played around on my nails trying out hearts, checker boards, drips and so on. The result? The tip is pretty long and the polish tends to glob but for less than a pound not bad, maybe even good once I get some practice with it. It did work great for Candy Stripes.

Candy Stripers was the nickname for US Hospital volunteers during the 50’s and 60’s. The girls wore stiriped uniforms in red and white, reminding people of a candy cane. Though the uniform and the nickname are both long gone candy stripes are still a great look.  In the end I’m still pretty darn happy with my candy striped nails.


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