The Boardwalk Empire Effect

Vanity Fair’s ‘Babes in Mobland’ shoot featuring the ladies of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

I should start by saying I have never seen the show myself (yet) but the fashion alone has sparked my interest. Especially as I’m in the preliminary stages of planning some summer trips and a little Berlin Caberet is high on the list of possibilities.

To be honest I’d always felt I was a bit to curvy for this look but the ‘Babes’ are pretty curvy themselves and they look smashing! John Dunn(who’s also worked on Mad Men) is the costume designer responsible for Boardwalk’s look, which is sure to be burning up catwalks in the next season or two. In fact the effect is already started.

Asos Fringed Flapper dress and TBA Silk Fringed Flapper dress – both from

Fringe is brilliant for dancing and general sashaying plus plenty easy to find right now as it not only goes with the oncoming prohibition era inspired trend but it also fits in with the 70’s hippy festival trend which will be literally everywhere this summer. So a versatile fringed piece should get you through a few seasons with some creative styling.

Topshop also has this lovely vintage replica of a common style found in the 20’s/30’s. Very flattering. Actual vintage is of course always an option but to get quality authentic pieces from that time means a lot of looking and you will have to pay for it as it’s at least 80 years old now! Sadly a lot of 20’s vintage is rotted or damaged due to poor care or simply a lifetime of wear. Mind you, you can find some breathtaking pieces if you know what you’re looking for. Ether way grab yourself some fabulous fringe and jitter bug along with the ladies on your next night out!


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