An Elk in the Woods

This came as much of a surprise to me as it will come to anyone who knows me but I think I’m becoming a bit of a foodie.

This is rather shocking as I’m generally not the best at feeding myself useless others are doing the cooking. My mum is convinced I’ll one day take up the family hobbie of baking (and my mum, in general, is right about well, everything) but so far me and the kitchen just aren’t mates. and we are still not. When I mean I’m becoming a bit of a foodie I mean I’ve recently taken to quite enjoying a very nice meal out with a good friend for conversation. This of course does not necessary mean expensive. Their are in fact in turns out quite a few little spots with nice atmosphere and good inexpensive food in east London. Today I outdid myself, today I did it twice. Lovely late lunch at our favorite local Barden’s Boudoir for Holly and I then a wonderful chatty dinner with my dear friend Elodie. Elodie is both an incredible contemporary dancer and a talented stylist (plus now a fellow blogger to boot!) and is as such a very busy girl! luckily tonight we were both free and she suggested we try a place in Angel I had never heard of called The Elk in the Woods.

Turns out I’ve walked past it many times on my vintage hunting trips through the Camden passage but had never really noticed as I am generally distracted by all the shiny costume jewelery the venders have on show. But I’m certainly glad I’ve found it now!

Its decorated somewhere between a hunting lodge and someones extremely comfortable rec room. Lots of mismatched old china plates of different shapes and sizes, something I am a huge fan of. Its separated into three rooms of a coherent style but each with a slightly different feel. The front room all mirrors and lounge chairs, the main room a long dinning hall, and the smaller room at the back  is cosy and dark with one large oval table. It was here Elodie and I were seated much to our delight as we both enjoy sharing a table with others while dinning (mind you tonight we mostly had the large table to ourselves).  First we had perfectly cooked salty Halloumi cheese and calamari which came with a delicious sauce that was somewhere between chilli and honey in taste. Devine.

A raspberry Moscow mule for me and a whisky sour for Elodie, done properly, with egg. Very nice.

We kind of went straight from appetizers to desert but then Holly and I did order far too much good food over lunch and I just did not have room for a main! My apple and rum crumble with hot custard was brilliant and Elodie’s chocolate tart with mint ice cream was gone in a blink. Think she might have licked the plate…

The whole place felt very welcoming and the staff were attentive and nice without being over bearing. They also did not seem to mind in the least that we hung about gossiping and catching up for nearly four hours! It was a lovely place and we had a ball. Then I am never surprised at Elodie’s unending good taste. I’ll defiantly be back for another wander in these woods another night.


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