Sun(ny)day Style

I spent this lovely sunny spring sunday lying in, hanging about in the park, riding on bikes, and taking photos of some of the pretty people soaking up the good (if not a bit cold) weather in London Fields.

Left: Very late 60’s with a pretty silver piece sign necklace. Adorable! Right: On to the 70’s and out with the socks.

Left: Pulling off spring colour trends in winter gear, clever girl! Right: Matching your shorts to your bike is inspired. I also love that she added a lace collar to her Oasis Trompe L’Oeil top. I do love a little DIY.

As for me I went for a maxi dress and lots of layers topped off with my amazing Lou Lou Loves You Lavinia Feather Collar. I’m quite happy with the result!

Off now for tea and tele. Sundays, purrrrfect.


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