Spring Forward

Hello! I’ve been away too long! I have a terrible habit of doing that periodically. I really must stop. Sorry guys : (

Cheers to all of you who wrote and texted telling me I need to get writing again. So I’m back with my beloved blog.

I’m also hoping getting back to the blog will help me get my fashion mojo back so to speak. See I’m working a job which requires I wear all black, and although you can certainly dress up all black with make up, hair, and accessories I’ve noticed myself getting lazy. Even on my off days. No good at all! So I’m trying to get myself back on track. New season, right? So I bought myself a new scrapbook to start making mood board collages again and I returned to what is perhaps my favourite quick and easy fashion pick me up. Nail polish:

Not bad considering its the first time I’ve painted my nails in months hun? I’m not totally sure about the sorbet coloured clothing trend that’s going on this spring (I love it but it’s not great on my skin tone I think) but I totally love it for nails! I’m also loving this two-tone stripe thing I managed. Next week I’m going to try it with blue and green I think.

A spring/summer trend I am into right now is the tropical 90’s surf stuff that’s coming out. I have lots of great Hawaiian shirts from my vintage shop days and I bought a brilliant tropical print crop-in-the-front-long-in-the-back tee from Topshop a while back (the exact one I got is no longer available but they do have lots of good ones still so check it out). Plus today I picked up this lovely from ASOS:

ASOS Hawaiian Top

It’s the first thing I’ve bought in weeks cause I’m being a good girl and saving my pounds for a summer getaway but I had to have this as I’ve already based and outfit around it haha!

Ok, so coming soon (yes actually soon):

* Pages from my scrap-book

* Tropical Tuesday

* Ladies who are better at keeping up on their blogs than me

Cheers! xx


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