Deer Oh Deer!

So some of you may have noticed the sweet little deer who have appeared in the upper right hand corner of this blog. Those little darlings live on my dressing table. I bought them from a jumble sale last year. They were dusty and unloved but a little TLC and they were good as new!

My deers in their natural habitat

I’d always wanted ceramic deers (no idea why) but had never been able to find nice ones at charity shops or jumble sales before these. I even liked that they are a planter instead of just ornaments. Anyway today I decided to have a poke around Esty to see what other little woodland deers are out there and was tickled to find a slew of vintage deer/doe planters!

Clockwise from top left: Doe a Deer Planter from Ameliar Rose Retro, Sweet Bambi Planter from The Kitschy Kitchen, and Mid Century Deer from Vintage Goodness

Also while I’m on a deer tangent I though I’d share these wonderful images from the beautiful Thrifties Flickr Set by Happy Meat:

How great are those colours!? The little green guy is my favourite : )


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