Size Matters

Helmut Newton’s diptych Sie kommen! (They’re Coming!) –  an erotic metaphor for the changing image of woman.

So without really getting into the reasons, certain circumstances this year brought about a lot of changes in my lifestyle. Good changes mind you, I drink less, excercise more, eat better ect. However the changes also brought about rapid weight loss. I should say up front that I was happy at my old weight and am happy at my new weight. I think I looked good both ways and am not that fussed as long as I am healthy (which I am).  So now that my new weight has stabilized I have the mostly annoying task of rediscovering what size I take in clothes. When I first moved to England I had to figure out my UK size (as opposed to my Canadian one), now I’m doing it all over again. The strange thing is I seem to be a different size in different brands? Also my upper and lower half seem to be different sizes!? If it’s a small/medium/large option the small almost always works for me but as soon as you get into numbers it’s all different. At Topshop my upper half is a 6 but in shorts or anything like that I’m a 10. Unless its denim shorts or jeans, then I’m a 6 again. What? Does anyone else have this problem? When it comes to dresses I split the difference and buy an 8. I love shopping but the size thing is starting to make me mental! At least my feet have stayed the same size. Good old feet. Size 4 wide and size 6 long. I just cram them into a size 5 and call it a day. Maybe I’m just funny shaped all around? Oh well, it all seems to balance out nicely in the end…


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