Lace Up Boots – The 40 Quid Difference

I’ve wanted chunky black lace up boots for quite a while now. I debated over these Topshop ones for ages before deciding that I just could not part with £95 no matter how amazing they are (They are amazing). So I was beyond pleased when I found these in the Peacocks in Dalston for a mere £30:

I love them. They are super comfy. They go with everything. I wear them everywhere. Including on a recent shopping trip in central where I saw them in the window of Miss Selfridge FOR £70!? Yes, the same boots, from what I can see the same in every way. You can check out the Peacocks version here and the Miss Selfridge version here and decide for yourself. Me, I’m sticking with my Peacocks ones. Also if you go check out the jewelry, I picked up this ring there and it’s getting a lot of wear too.

Happy shopping!


4 thoughts on “Lace Up Boots – The 40 Quid Difference

  1. Nice one for not being a brand snob; i used to work in an Office, had fun spotting which of their shoes had cheaper Bronx counterparts in the shoe shop a few doors down. The same factories make all these products, only price difference is down to the name they attach at the end! oh and really cool nails btw, been meaning to try out something similar

    1. Hi Janey!
      Sorry its taken me a bit to reply (Christmas got me you know?), thanks for the info! I’ve long suspected that. Being a brand snob is for suckers, good clothes are good clothes. Period. As for nails if your in London try WAH Nails in Dalston, they do AMAZING things with polish and jewels. That or buy a few pots of Barry M and mess around, that’s what I do! Haha.
      Ella x

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