T-Shirts: 3 Of The Best

Although t-shirts may not be the most exciting thing in anyone’s wardrobe certainly having a few good ones is a must. Here is my pick for 3 of the best currently on offer.

Pearl shirt

This Karen Walker t-shirt is a bit steep at £60 (also sadly sold out at the moment, hopefully back in stock soon?) but I absolutely love the freshly broken strand of pearls. There is something so Coco Chanel about the whole thing. A bit of posh girl on the rocks too.


‘Frank’ by Sarah Hamburg is easier on the bank account at £15.10. This amazing hand drawn ink rendition of the classic movie icon is perfect for rockabilly lovers and horror junkies alike. As I am both of these things I am clearing in love.

JD tee shiv

I met up with one of my nearest and dearest yesterday (Shiv, pictured) to find her wearing a very awesome slogan t-shirt. I asked her where it was from (her mate makes them, she will tell me more later) and she let me take a photo. I’m far to impatient to wait for later so thanks to my super noisy slethy skills I found said awesome shirt maker (Angela Federico). You can find out about ordering your own here.

Oh, and don’t forget…

kitty eyes

Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure is back in stock. An XL girly tee is on my Christmas list!

(XL so I can wear it all big over ripped jeans or tights if you were wondering).

Space! Kitty!



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