Glamour Ghouls – Part 2

I though it high time I posted about the supremely talented Andrea Kett, especially as her work fits in perfectly with the spooky Halloween spirit.

Ghostess trolley card Lights Witch a4

although I actually came across her work last Christmas while looking for cards in Angel. You see she also does Christmas card (of a sort). In fact she has just released a bunch of new Christmas cards just in time for the season.

cold spell Ghoultide Greetings card

She’s even done commissions for Sera of London, Kurt Geiger, and Lulu Guinness. I especially love her Snooty Fox Series…

Snooty Fox M1  Dressed Crab

…and my absolute favourite is her ‘Miss Marpole Saucy Sleuth Paper Doll Book’!!


How amazing is that!? I must get myself one!!

You can buy her books, cards, prints, and all her fantastic work at her Etsy Shop. Go now!


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