Perfect Black Skinnys

New Look Jeans

So a few weeks back I was dismayed to find that my black skinny H&M jeans that have served me so well over the last few years finally ripped. Although jeans are not my favorite thing to shop for (I always have trouble finding trousers of any kind that fit) I simple could not go without a pair of skinny black jeans in my wardrobe! Especially with the chill of fall fast approaching.

Lucky for me around the same time the lovely Virginia at New Look suggested I try out a pair of their new Yes Yes Denim jeans. The size 8 fit me surprisingly well. The waist is a bit lower than I normally like but it does solve the problem I usually have which is that my waist is very tiny while my hips are shall we say ‘shapely’ meaning that finding a high wasted pair that fit everywhere will be as likely as turning up the holy grail in your backyard. The Yes Yes jeans have a good bit of stretch to them too so they are comfy for running about town too. Once I get these shortened to fit my little 29′ legs these will go into regular rotation. Jeans and heels to the grocery store! Jeans and heels to the post office!

Oh black skinny jeans, I missed you.


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