LFW Day 1 – Rani Jones

Rani Jones 1

Rani Jones SS10 London Fashion Week Presentation at Baltic

Yesterday my dear friend Daniel and I got up very early (early for us) and headed down to the Rani Jones Presentation at Baltic. Entering the dark entrance hallway at Baltic we were greeted and handed champagne, then ushered into the main room. beautifully lit with gorgeous high ceilings it was simple yet striking, which would also accurately describe the ‘eco-luxury’ label third season collection.

Rani Jones 11 Rani Jones 13

Daniel and I, dressed in our best matching glasses way to early in the morning (note the coffee)

Using organic silks and recycled denim it looks refreshingly nothing like ‘eco fashion’. No hemp or hippy aesthetic to be seen. Instead beautifully tailored shapes perfectly draped in lush colours abounded. I instantly took a liking to a royal blue shift dress which gently swished around as the model walked. It could be worn day or night, like most of the collection it was very wearable making it a great investment piece. The classic play of masculine vs feminine will see the collection remaining current long past the season while zip details play right into current trends.

Rani Jones 2 Rani Jones 3

Rani Jones 4 Rani Jones 5

Rani Jones Spring/Summer 2010 : Minimal Monolithic Collection

Rani Jones showcases a comprehensive approach to ethical/environmental fashion, from sourcing fabrics right down to chosing organic cupcakes as a treat at the presentation. In fact they even took the scrap fabric gathered while making the collection and turned it over to Lou Lou Loves You to make into sweet little bows which were given away in the gift bags after the show. Clever girls! Rani Patel and Lucy Jones are very lovely girls as well. They both came up to warmly introduce themselves shortly after we arrived, a personal touch which I though added much to the cozy feel of the morning.

Rani Jones 10

Lou Lou Loves You bow, super cute designers Rani Patel and Lucy Jones, yummy organic cupcakes

Rani Jones is avaiable online or in select London shops.


4 thoughts on “LFW Day 1 – Rani Jones

  1. Hi Ella,

    I’m Jenny a graphic and web designer for Syrup. We work with The Organic Cupcake Company who supplied Rani Jones’s cupcakes for their London Fashion Week presentation at Baltic. I was wondering if it would be okay to use your lovely photograph (above) on The Organic Cupcake Company website?

    Please contact me and let me know, my email address is jen@adropofsyrup.com.

    Many Thanks,


  2. Hi,

    I saw you at this presentation, you liked my friends shiny bracelet (in her bag haha). Your photos are darling, you really captured the event well. Wasn’t it a great way to start fashion week?

    PP x

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