Like Day and Night – Man Style

So I’m not really as up on my man fashion as I’d like to be (I generally turn to Elliott when in need of an update) but lately I’ve been giving myself a bit of an education.

Sept 09 man style 1

This boy was lounging in London Fields in chef pants no less! This should be a terrible fashion offense (outside the kitchen that is) but paired with a check jacket and boater hat it actually works really well. Plus the blue tipped glasses add a hint of eccentricity. Layed back and smooth.

Sept 09 man style 2

Last night this bloke was one of a unsualy high number of beautiful and stylish people at the launch of Seance. There was a definite retro lounge cool vibe and I wish I taken more photos of the cats populating the joint. Maybe next time as I will defiantly be attending again. Also this guys bow tie was velvet, which was lush and I loved the attetion to detail.


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