High Street Happenings

Well nether of these things are breaking news but hey I’m excited about them so here they are.

This Thursday is going to be a big one for two of the biggest brands on the high street: Topshop and H&M.

This Thursday Topshop will drop the latest Christopher Kane collection. I have to admit that I have never before really been excited about a Topshop collaboration (even previous Christopher Kane) but this time I sure am! There are two dresses I am in LOVE with, namely the one shoulder lace number and the crocodile print t-shirt dress.


Christopher Kane for Topshop dresses

I’ll even admit to trolling the new mini site today. I even downloaded the crocodile backdrop for my phone. I know  it is a somewhat cheesy gimmick but I did get great amusement having it stare at me from my cell all day. I will not however be part of the mob scene at Topshop Oxford Circus this Thursday for three reasons. 1. Crowds that size scare the hell out of me/make me mega annoyed. 2. I don’t get paid till Friday 3. I’ll be having lunch at the Brazilian Embassy (!?) more on that one later…

Also on Thursday (and no less thrilling for me) H&M will be dropping it’s ‘Divided Exclusive’ collection. From what I hear its full of velvet, big sleeves, and sparkle. All things I love this season. In true H&M style I can’t really find too many photos of this collection but I have been super into everything they have done this season so I’m looking forward to it just the same. especially these bits:

hm-divided-exclusive-fall-09-collection-17 hm-divided-exclusive-fall-09-collection-6

H&M Divided Exclusive Fall 2009

Then of course on Friday it begins 25 YEARS OF LONDON FASHION WEEK!


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