Reading 2009 – Street Style

I was lucky enough to work at the Reading Festival this year (details on that tomorrow) which also allowed me to do some style snapping. Here are some of my favorites:

Reading style 1 Reading style 2

There was a lot of the leggings + shirt combos going on but this girl did it especially well and I loved the Misfits shirt. I also loved the cool hippyish chic of the lovely white lace dress mixed with a rough textured sweater. Add vintage brass heart necklaces and its just too perfect! Both good ways to deal with the totally unpredictable weather we had all weekend.

Reading style 3 Reading style 4

1950’s cool at a festival. Original and sharp! He was even nice enough to let me take a photo while he was snacking on donuts (sorry dude!). I was staring at this girl’s necklace for a long time before asking her where she got it. ‘H&M’ she told me. Man, those guys are on it this season! I never would have guessed it to be high street.

Reading style 5 Reading style 6

Caught this lovely lady getting her morning coffee early on Sunday. What to say about that top other then its jaw dropping? Her purse was a sweet 50’s collectible, her boyfriend (below left) told me she collects them and he bought her that one for her birthday. Aww!

Reading style 7 Reading style 8

Sometimes I think the men have it easiest at festivals. Good jeans + check shirt + converse/vans + tousled hair = perfect festival fair.

Reading Trend – Animal Shirts!

This trend has been kicking around East London for months and now its finally reached the masses:

Reading Animal 1 Reading Animal 2

Reading Animal 4 Reading Animal 5

Below is the first (and by far best) animal shirt I found all weekend. Oh my god! SPACE KITTY! This one deserves a close up:

Reading Animal 3 Reading close cat

Tomorrow: More Reading 2009 including the Festival Republic Crew – The most stylish kids in the room…


8 thoughts on “Reading 2009 – Street Style

  1. Annnnd big thanks to everyone for letting me know where that shirt can from! Special thanks to my brother Eric, Hi! *waves*. I’m totally going to get on Threadless about reprinting that shirt, we all obviously need one. I want an XL so I can cut out the neck and wear it as a t-shirt dress. Or they could just make it as a t-shirt dress. That would just about make it the greatest piece of clothing EVER.

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