You (magazine) DIY

I’m currently off in Kent enjoying a few days of rest and relax. Its also given me plenty of time to indulge in one of my favourite things: Magazines! The article that has me most excited at the moment is actual one I picked up free on the train ride here. The woman next to me was kind enough to let me have her copy of the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine supplement. Now recently lots of magazines have jumped on the idea of DIY as the country is deep in recession mode still (even Vogue touches on DIY these days). I of course am all for this but often find some of the ideas weak or just plain terrible.

However this article I found in the You supplement is on trend and easy! Plus unlike a lot of the magazine DIY’s I see I would actually wear the finished product:

You1  you2

You magazine’s DIY versions of Moschino’s embellished jacket and Twenty8Twelve top

Also big points to You magazine for getting their base garments from Oxfam and the British Heart Foundation. Practical, cheep, and good for charity! I am particularly taken with the ‘Super Shoulders’ project. Big shoulders are massive right now (forgive the pun) and an easy DIY to try for those of you who are new to it too. Style Copy Cat also has a great shoulder pads DIY well worth checking out.

I know what i’ll be getting up to on my return to London! I’m also going to try and talk Ellie into a DIY day to follow threw on her thoughts of DIY Jennifer Bher’s a/w headbands


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