The magazines are all slowly coming out with their catwalk reports and of course one can always keep up with so it’s time to start picking favorites and making a plan for Fall/Winter 09. An early favorite for me was the Dolce & Gabbana show. I mean, just look at it:

DG Fall09RTW 1 DG Fall09RTW 2

Looks from the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009 Ready to Wear Collection

Black and Grey with pops of neon pink and loads of exaggerated shoulders! Its both vintage and very sharp and modern. Lush! Love it! The statement jackets and tops are the standout pieces in the collection however at approximately £1300 the D&G versions are a bit out of my reach. Time to DIY!

I’ve been going threw my clothes is a massive clear out (details of sale soon…) when I came across this 80’s number crumpled in the bottom of a bag. Its not great in its original state but once ironed it had a great shinny luster and cut in two it has loads of potential.

D&G 1

I put the skirt aside for another future project and concentrated on the top. Luckily this one is a quick and simple DIY.

D&G 3

I pulled the zipper out with a stitch ripper then measured where I wanted the bottom to be and pinned it. Next I stitched up the bottom by hand (of course you could use a sewing machine if you have one). Then I put in a new zipper I picked up at the local haberdashery and that is it!

In the end you get an outstanding exaggerated shoulder top:

D&G Final

80’s dresses are easy to come by so get to it ladies!


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