Baby I’m back

Hello out there!

Recently my posts have been getting farther and farther apart. This was for two reasons.

Number one: their was an incident some time back that involved my blog. I don’t wish to get into it but it left me very upset and sadly apprehensive about writing on here when I had no real reason to be. Which is a true shame because I started this blog because I love fashion and I love writing and doing this has been a real joy and a great hobby. I was also having a rather hard go of it in my personal life when I started this and it gave me something to concentrate on and be proud of. I still love fashion. I still love writing. So I’m going to come back here to my blog, do my best to go back to it daily too. Because I love having this little space to go on about all the things I love and get excited about.

The second reason is one of the things in life that gets me excited. My life this year has brought A LOT of changes my way. One of the best being this:

Studio 1

Roman and I in our new Elephant & Castle studio

Roman and I (aka ONC) have a new studio! Its a space for us to make videos, music, and anything else our hearts desire and I am beyond thrilled about it! I’ve even talked Roman into joining me on the blogging front. You can follow all our projects here.

Of course I still love (yes their is a lot of love in this post) fashion! Upcoming will be details on a September wardrobe clear out sale, street style, more DIY, and my favorite A/W 09 bits including my new favorite thing ever designed by a very talented red head I am lucky enough to know! Just to prove I’m still alive and kicking here is me in my DIY D&G top:


Instructions to follow tomorrow (really this time : )


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