A Change in Direction

Well I think I have been a bit crap about writing on here lately as I’m going threw a big change in lifestyle, which is in turn bringing on a big change in my fashion. On top of changing directions in my life I’m also getting older. It should be noted that I don’t mind getting older. In fact I quite enjoy it. These days I feel more settled in my skin then ever before, and happier in general too. My mother once told me that you could not pay here to go back to her twenties, that her thirties were much more enjoyable and as I approach my thirties I certainly see how this could be true.

I’ve never believed in ‘fashion rules’ but I do believe in being somewhat age appropriate. The hot pants I spent a good part of my mid twenties in have long since been retired. Its not that I feel obligated to give things up, I seam to just naturally lose interest in them.

As of late my closet had become so overflowing that it was causing me more grief than joy so I few days ago I had a massive overhaul. I’ve been tough with myself and bagged up lots of things to sell. Also I lovingly packed away some vintage pieces that I no longer wear but that are too precious for me to sell. Then I had a massive re-organize of what was left. In the few days since I’ve done this I have been amazed in the change. I find dressing easier and the joy of it is back. I think some aspects of my style will never change (I will always love a good hat), but I notice my colors toning down a touch and perhaps I am finally learning the art of simplicity.  I have a love for a well cut black blazer that I never had before.

I’m also trying to teach myself to buy less and more carefully. I’m making a list (you know how I love my lists…) of items I’d like to add to my fall wardrobe and I’m going to try to stick with it, no impulse buys! I’m making better use of what I already have too. Trying to mix up old pieces in new ways. Plus good old make do and mend. I spent my evening tonight fixing the clasp on my favorite black mac coat, re-hemming a good dress, and doing general repairs that I have been putting off for ages. It felt good as I love to sew and now all those pieces are ready to wear again. Perfect. I also finished a DIY D&G project which will be up on here by end of week.

So now that I’m all set I bet your wondering what’s on my fall ‘to get’ list right? Well maybe I’ll do a post of the full list tomorrow but here is a teaser to start:


The ones on the right. I’ve already tried them on and they are some comfortable and they go with everything and I’ve been good and saving my money…breath…breath…haha. Occasionally I get over excited : )

Oh yes, they will be mine.


One thought on “A Change in Direction

  1. I love it! It’s about time that I had an overhaul on this end, too. There’s just so much stuff in my closet that I don’t wear and it’s a pill to get dressed every morning…

    I must see the rest of these fall picks. I dig what you have so far. =D

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