Bimba & Lola

Bimba bag

Bit funny but I’m going to start with the last day of our trip first. Monday was our last day in Paris and Lou Lou and I decided to use it to check out as many amazing French boutiques as possible. One of the first ones we ventured into was Bimba & Lola (7 rue Pavée, in the Le Marais district). From what I can find on the Internet Bimba & Lola is a Spanish label crated by sisters María and Uxía Domínguez, which expanded their brand into Paris in November 2008. The shop itself was small and long, clean it is design. The staff were helpful without being overbearing, we were especially pleased when they informed us of the 50% off sale that was on. Gosh I do love a sale! A long pendent at the front of the shop first caught my eye but was quickly forgotten once Lou Lou found the gem you see above. A steal at half off I bought it and put it on right away. I love the 3D aspect of it and its weight. The French customers guy we met at the station that evening on our way home loved it too, he patted it to see if it was sharp (it is). One of the best buys I made in Paris. Well that and the leather shorts…but they are a whole other story.

Bimba Lola necklace

Me wearing my wonderful new Bimba & Lola necklace on a drab Monday in Paris


6 thoughts on “Bimba & Lola

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