How to pack for a holiday


I spent last night attempting to pack for my super adventure holiday with Lou Lou. It should be noted that I am terrible packer. I always either bring way to much (this is usually the case) or not bring the right clothing for the right weather, or forget important things like my toothbrush…

You would think after all the traveling I have done I’d have some kind of system by now but mostly I just write endless check lists. So obviously I need a little help. I googled ‘How to pack for a holiday’ which yielded an overwhelming numbers of results. I decided to stick to the more fashion based ones as I do care deeply about what I look like while traveling. I’m just not ever going to be one of those people who can let go and wear sweats. In fact if you ever see me in sweats something is seriously terribly WRONG.

I found this article from the Telegraph quite good. I agree with the idea of staying true to your style however as anyone who knows me will attest my personal style has many facets and is borderline schizophrenic. So I decided to focus on the advice that one should pack for where you are going as opposed to creating a holiday style. Lou Lou looked up the weather and its going to be 27 to 31 the whole time (yes!) so that narrowed the choices a bit. We will be in three different locations so I made a list (yes I’m still making lists) of how many days we would be in each place then thought about what we are likely to be doing in each and picked my outfits day by day. It seamed to work quite well. I managed to pack a bag that seams to cover everything I need without it being overstuffed or insanely heavy. So far so good. Now we just have to wait and see how it works in practice…

Side note: In case  you were wondering why I was packing last night when I don’t leave till Saturday morning (I am not normally this organized) its because tonight I will be attending the Under/Current launch party and tomorrow I will be speaking at the blogger panel discussion at the Design Museum (see previous post). Come say hi if you see me. I’m going to need 10 days off after all this!


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