Studs – The ‘new’ leather jacket

Last year I bought a leather jacket from H&M, or ‘leather look’ to be exact. It quickly became my favorite and I wore it everyday. Then recently the ‘leather look’ fabric began to tear around the arms and chest to the point where it became unwearable. Luckily (though one has to wonder about the timing of this…) H&M has just re-released the same jacket in a different ‘leather look’ fabric. I could not live without my perfect fit leather motorcycle jacket so I picked up the one, yet I could not bring myself to throw away the old one.

Leather 1

My new H&M leather look jacket and a close up of the tears in the old one.

The fit was still perfect and it was only damaged ascetically. It sat on the back of my dressing table chair unloved for over a month until  this past Saturday when inspiration finally struck! I was cleaning out my sewing box when I discovered a long forgotten pack of silver studs. Ever since reading Life is all about dressing up!‘s blog on studded shorts and finding this hot spot for buying Studs the idea of doing a little DIY studding project has been floating around my brain. So deciding to stud the collar was easy, but what to do with the ripped areas? I took a chance that the fabric underneath might be interesting or at least ok and started pealing it off in sections:

Leather 2

The studding on the collar and pealing the damaged ‘leather look’ fabric off in sections

Thankfully the fabric underneath was a soft Grey cotton which contrasted beautiful with the shinny black. Bam! Its like a whole new jacket. Wearable and on trend. Plus I’ve still got a bag of circle studs to play with…

Leather 3


6 thoughts on “Studs – The ‘new’ leather jacket

    1. Not at all, the H&M jacket was about 35 pounds, if I remember right the old one I bought last year was that price too. Its a really great jacket! DIY’d and in its original state. Hope that helps. x

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