A little like Luella

I love Luella. I can’t stress this enough. Season after season I absolutely adore everything she comes up with. If I was a designer I’d like to think my collections would have the same sense of fun and tap into a girl’s subconscious the way all her collections do.

I covet it. I want it. I can in no way afford it. At least not yet anyway. So in the meantime I’m going to use it as inspiration. Specifically this dress. I loved this dress when it came out, even more so when I saw it in pink:

luella_spring_2008_rtw1 Alexa_Chung_i_Luella[1]

Luella Spring 2008 RTW

I’ve never forgotten about this dress. It takes its cue from 1950’s prom dresses, something that is always in fashion. Especially if you update it with a leather jacket, some chains, and a great pair of shoes. So when I found this dress for 1o pounds second hand I new I could make it into something special and very, very Luella.


Currently of course it looks like it had a previous life as one of Barbie’s brides maid dresses. Just a wee bit much for day to day wear. Here is where the scissors, needle, thread, and a bit of imagination come into play…

First I chopped off all the unnecessary bits in order to make the dress easier to work with. So out came the scissors and off came the sleeves and most of the skirt. I probably could have taken it down to just two ruffles, but I like the look of it much better with three.

Pink dress 2

I’m going to hang on to the bits I cut off. Their is more than enough fabric there for a future project. Next up I fixed the bodice. I could have just cut the sheer fabric off but I really love the look of it so instead I folded it over and sewed it to the sweetheart neckline.

Pink dress 3

After that it was just a matter of hemming the bottom and ta-da! Luella look-a-like!!

Luella front Luella backt

A little chop and sew goes a long way towards reviving an old dress. Especial good to do with an old bridesmaid or formal dress that is hanging around your closet. Come on ladies, make do and mend!


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