The Lazy Ones

Working in fashion has made me guilty of impulse buying cheep items, leaving me with a massive wardrobe and little space. Admittedly I do love some of these items dearly, but lots of them just sit in my drawers unloved and unworn. In the last year I have been slowly making the move towards buying better quality and less. I packed up all the clothes I have outgrown or that are not really my style anymore and sold them at the Victoria Pub jumble sale (well worth checking out you’ve never been). Now I keep my eye out for items I really love that I will get a lot of wear out of. This is how I came across The Lazy Ones.

I’ve walked past The Lazy Ones shop just off Brick Lane on my walk home from work hundreds of times and never gone in. Then a few weeks back this dress in the window stopped me in my tracks:

Black dress

A few days later I caved (with the help of a Sale sign) and went in and tried in on. Heaven! I bought it and wore it out that night with combats and a shrunken mini leather jacket. I felt amazing in it! The swish swish of the fridge was fantastic too. It is literally my new favourite.

The Lazy Ones are a creative duo formed in 2001 by Nat Colom & Diego Tellez. I’ve met both of them during subsequent trips to the shop and they are so sweet and helpful, making the shopping experience even better. They also have a fun blog and have recently started selling their line in the London Topshop in Oxford Circus. Any of you not in London can also pick up one of these beautiful dresses online. I love these dresses because they are special but also very easy to wear. Super comfortable and all you need to do is add a belt, purse, and great pair of shoes. Good to go day or night. I am defiantly taking them with me on my trip to France next month.

The sale is still on, now with items up to 80% off(!) so get yourself down there before its over. I picked up this, my second Des Moines dress, yesterday and I can’t wait to wear it out tonight!!



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