Leggings and *shutter* Jeggings

Leggings 1 leggings 2

So up until recently I hated leggings and all things legging related. But the trend is not going anywhere and I think designers/high street shops have gotten better at designing them. I started to think ‘maybe leggings are for me?’. I finally broke down and tried on some leggings in Topshop that I had been eying up. I hated them. Deeply. But it did help me to figure out one very important fact:

I don’t hate leggings, I hate spandex leggings.

Even great legs, and due to loads of walking and mum’s good genetics (thanks mum!) I have pretty good legs, look like bad plastic encased hot dogs in spandex leggings. See, a few days later a pair of vintage floral print leggings came into work and I fell in love with them, the pattern was the perfect floral and it wrapped all the way around instead of making those awkward seams up the sides where the pattern does not match up. This time the changing room was a totally different experience. I LOVED THEM.

floral leggings

Those lovely leggings were cotton. Comfy and fantastic. At last I am in love! I have since found another cotton pair second hand, this time delicious pale purple reptile print, again in cotton. I’m telling you second hand cotton leggings are the way to go. Cool patterns and super cheep (mine were £3 and £5 respectively).

Now, as we are on the leggings topic I have to say something about the term Jeggings.  Jeggings refers to leggings which look like denim.

jeggings topshop denim leggings

Asos printed jeggings and Topshop mercifully still calling them denim look leggings.

Do we need a term for this!? Are we to lazy to say ‘denim look leggings’!? Dear god I hate this term, it’s right up there with ‘recessionesta’ which is to say if you ever catch me using the term kill me know. All of a sudden Asos is telling me to get jeggings! Style Bubble is on about jeggings! AHHHH!! I think it is important to note here that I do not hate the product itself. Quite the opposite. I fully agree with Asos and Style Bubble that if I did not already own my pair of floral leggings I would indeed put Asos printed jeggings on top of my list of leg wear I need in my life. It’s just the term that drives me nuts, fashions need to obsessively name every little micro trend then beat us all over the head with it. I like and will probably even wear denim look leggings, but I will never again use/type/utter the word *shutter* jeggings.


5 thoughts on “Leggings and *shutter* Jeggings

  1. Hi, could you tell me who makes those beautiful floral jeggings? I’m in love with them!!! please help me out! thank you very in advance 🙂

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