Friday’s finest street style

This week in London has been gloom and doom weather wise. Apart from being slightly depressing it also makes dressing a bitch. Especially today which could not seam to decide weather it wanted to be sunny or rainy and changed its mind from moment to moment. I did find a few folks who managed to get it just right…

May15th brick lane 2

Veronica Lake tribute hat and hits of leopard is vintage dreamy!

May15th brick lane

Awesome studded leather jacket (first base), wicked hair braids (second base), hotpant playsuit (third base), fire engine red girlie combat boot (home run).

May15th brick lane 3

Wearing denim is very on trend right now. Wearing matching denim outfits while walking around Brick Lane being all adorable with each other is about the greatest thing ever.

As for me I chose to combat the big bad weather with a bit of sparkle. Ok. A lot of sparkle.

May15th day

Harlequin sweater dress for day…

May15th night

…and a 60`s gold lamé brocade number for this evening. Yes, I am wearing the same hair/blouse/tights/boots. The rain also makes me a bit lazy. Don’t worry; I’ll throw some red lipstick on or something. I’m never THAT lazy.


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