Is this too far?

Last night me, Dan, and some other trouble makers stayed up way past bedtime on a school night. So this morning Dan and I had to go to work ridiculously tired and in very silly/strange moods. It apparently came out in our outfits. Keep in mind we did not actually wear said outfits to work. We just both kind of piled stuff on as the day went and then bought everything and walked home. Too much of a look?

May14th tired dan May14th tired Ella

Dan’s kind of got a 70’s NYC hustler thing going on and I’m not too sure where I’ve gone with this one other then to say I love a good hat to the end. Over all I actual really like what we have done here. However it may just be that I’ve lost my judgment along with the sleep. Hmmm.

Either way the new hat deserves a close up:

May13th close up

Also I got fancy with my bright nail colors and quite like the result.




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