The dark side of vintage images


All images from E-l-i-s-e

Today I came across this lush and disturbing blog called E-l-i-s-e. Full of vintage photographic and poster oddities this is an amazing snap shot of the darker side of life. Often images of people living on the fringes of society, or those pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable at the time. Plus loads of B-movie stills, medical oddities, team shots and more! Mind you it should be noted that it is occasionally broken up with fluffy images of old cosmetic adverts and Twiggy fashion shoots. I actually think the juxtaposition really works, allowing breathers between some of the heavier subject matter. This site is highly addictive and be warned that hours can be easily whiled away here. There are lots of colour images too, I simple happened to choose some black and white ones that struck me. The only thing missing (and this is not really a complaint as the site is clearly amazing and a lot of work has obvious gone into it) is more information about the author herself. Anyone who collects such diverse and fantastical images is surly highly interesting and worth knowing about!


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