What’s in a name?

Well quite a bit if your the name of my blog. On a basic level ‘You were never lovelier’ is the name of a 1942 Hollywood musical staring Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth. Its a great old song and dance golden age number but one of the things I like most about it is what Rita Hayworth said about it; it was one of the only films she truly enjoyed making. The joy shows, its bursting from her in every scene and press photo.


I’ve always loved Rita Hayworth, first coming across her in the fantastic book Hurrell’s Hollywood Portraits. Photographer George Hurrell (whom I must write a blog about soon!) took what is still my favorite portrait of the lady. I even had this image hung above my fireplace for years, the years that I was lucky enough to have a fireplace that is.


Rita Hayworth was so much the tumultuous doll that in 1946 her likeness was placed on the first nuclear bomb to be tested after World War II. My kind of gal, explosive and memorable. But I’m rambling a bit. Part of the name was for Rita, part my overall love of musicals, and big part for the idea of a moment of loveliness.

I choose the people and things I write and photograph for this blog because their is something I find wonderful in them. The term ‘lovely’ can apply to all kinds of things and mostly what I want is to capture a moment, that often fleeting feeling of something or someone being just perfect. Its also because I think we don’t tell other people nearly enough how lovely they are. This is my quiet way of saying to everyone ‘you were never lovelier’.


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