The high waisted love affair

kate-trousers1 ella-trousers1

The clever Kate and I wear our high waisted finest.

I have always had an uneasy relationship with trousers, this is mainly because I have always found it near impossible to find a pair I love that look great on me. Until recently that is. I found a pair of jeans from Topshop a few weeks back which are a dream (I’m sure I’ll write about them soon) and now these lovely seersucker trousers.  Seersucker is a stripped  summer fabric. The name comes from a Persian word meaning ‘milk and sugar’ because the stripes alternate smooth and rough like the texture of milk and sugar. I also love Kate’s  vintage work wear take on the high waisted trouser. Its functional and super cute. I also love that we both rolled our trousers up, a nice touch for the summer plus it gives you the opportunity to play with socks!


Kate’s look reminds me of the land girls,which was how woman of the ‘Woman’s Land Army’ were commonly referred. The WLA was a British civilian organization used in the first and second world wars to place woman with farms that needed workers to replace men called up to the military.

Think next time I wear my seersucker trousers I’m going to try out a crisp white shirt and a rattan summer hat or a side cap, taking a note from the land girls too!


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