Summer key pieces – the floral playsuit

So I finally found it – the perfect floral playsuit for summer! We have all been beat over the head lately with how playsuits are the new dresses and a must have for summer. Well you know what? Its true. I already have a few jumpsuits I love, including this number which landed me in Nylon Japan last summer:

Nylon Japan – July 2008 (photographed by the always fab Katja)

So its not too far of a stretch to add playsuits into the mix. Florals have been big lately, both in the cute liberty print variety and the 90s style grunge revival. Mine falls somewhere in between depending how you wear it. I had a little rummage in my closet tonight and tried out a few looks:

playsuit-1-fix playsuit-2-fix

playsuit-3-fix playsuit-4-fix

Versatile and comfortable to boot. Think I’m in love…


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