Mint green nails

In high school I loved painting my nails a different colour every few days. I have never outgrown this habit. It still brings me such joy to paint my nails a candy colour. I even have a massive bin full of different colours (green, blue, orange…) and kinds (sparkly, matte, glitter…). Since moving to England I have discovered Barry M. Home to many fantastic nail colours. I found out recently that they were releasing a mint green one and have been looking for it ever since. Today I was in Topshop and happened to wander past the Barry M booth just as the girl was unpacking the new colours. I am now the very over excited owner of the new mint green:


I found out today that MAC has also put out mint green nail vanish but at £9 a pop I’ll be sticking with my £3 Barry M. I just don’t see the need to spend more then that on my polish, its one make up product that I feel is the same stuff no matter the brand. Besides, Barry M lasts quiet a long time without chipping for cheep stuff. Nothing beats a bit of cheep and cheerful!


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