French Magazine

One of the perks of my job is the weekly mag buy. Every Wednesday morning I head down to central and spend hours combing threw magazines at R.D.Franks and the massive Boarders at Oxford Circus and buy anything we have our clothes in. Of course the massive upside for me personally is that I get to look threw just about every magazine their is! Today I picked up two French magazine, one of which is actual called French. This make up shoot just jumped out at me:


Heavy on feathers and cabaret magic with a nod to Alfred Hitchcock’s ice cold blonds. So stunning! I’ve never had much luck with getting fake lashes to stay on my eyes (maybe I have funny shaped eyes!?) but I do love them and they work perfectly here. Perhaps time to have another go at fake lashes?

This image is also from French. Now everyone is familiar with the Pacman shaped helmets Stephen Jones did for Giles but this is the first time I’ve seen the ghost shaped helmet used in editorial and its just perfect!! The image is so simple an it just accentuates the exquisite shapes. Sublime.


Black dress Giles, red helmet Stephen Jones for Giles


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