Stephen Jones at Beyond Retro

We have just announced this on the blog so I can finally tell everyone about it. We are doing at hat themed East End Lights! I AM SO EXCITED!


I should explain for anyone who is not familiar with me that I am obsessed with hats. OBSESSED. I own more than anyone you have ever met and continue to amass more at an alarming rate which shows no sign of stopping. So of course I am beyond excited to see what work Stephen Jones submits to this project. I’ll admit I’m also looking forward to seeing what Piers Atkinson puts forth. Although I tend to find Piers stuff to over the top in a Party Monster sort of way for me personally, I have recently fallen in love with a few pieces of his:

keily-atkinson-aw09-16c look-19

Both hats from the Piers Atkinson Autumn/Winter 09

I do love a bit of retro kitch and these speak to that part of my personality. I’d love to brake out one of my favorite 50’s dresses and pop on the blond pin curl headband to add a modern dash. The mini Mickey bowler could go a bit circus or even add humor to an androgynous suit.

Oh and almost forgot to mention: the night of the event, May 7th, Beyond Retro will be giving away prizes for the best hats. I love the idea of a sea of people all swanning around in amazing hats. Now that only leaves the massive decision of which hat to wear…


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