The Tim Walker cherry

My co-worker Jenna had the thrilling experience of working with the legendary Tim Walker on an ad campaign last week. One shoot contained an entire field of fiberglass and wood over-sized cherries. Once the shoot was completed everyone on set took one home, Jenna generously decided to donate hers to the shop:


Have you ever seen anything so mad!? I love it! I’ve always had a special love for cherries, I even considered having some tattooed on me at one point though I never quite found the right image. I would love to borrow this cherry one day and take a portrait in my yellow 40’s inspired beach two piece, a real pin up affair! I am definitely going to sleep tonight dreaming of a massive field of shinny delicious larger than life cherries. In case any of you need some sweet dream inspiration here are a few more choice moments from Tim Walker…






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