Pretty in Prom

Its been a long time since my prom but as of late tons of lovely little girls have been descending on the shop to get special dresses for formals and so forth. So today the shop girls starting pulling out all the prom dresses and it’s just impossible not to dive in and play.


Even in the rain swirling around in a prom dress is sheer joy! Apparently I seam to get in this mood every spring as I just dug up this photo of me and the girls from last spring..


While we were overdosing on nostalgia I could not help but think of all the 80s prom movies I love, especially Pretty in Pink.  So Coralie was nice enough to indulge me and let me dress her up as Andy. She made it look so amazing!!

prettyinpink-andy cor-as-andy-crop



But make no mistake, I may have let Coralie play Andy but Duckie Dale is all mine. xx


3 thoughts on “Pretty in Prom

  1. Oh hello! I didn’t know you had a blog… And come to think of it, it makes sense as I now realise you started it only last week :-).
    Those prom dresses are pretty dreamy, I might have to get my hands on one of them…


    1. Hello! This blog is indeed new. I’ve been meaning to start one for ages. I adore reading so many other blogs and all you ladies just seam to have so much fun writing them that I could not help but join in! I’m still finding my voice but I do love it so far.

      P.S. You should indeed swing by and check out the lovely prom dresses, their are so many dreamy numbers! xo

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