Things to do with an Easter bank holiday

Holidays mean bank holidays, which mean days off, which are a great time to start something new. This is a long winded way of saying I’ve finally gotten around to starting that fashion blog I’m always going on about. Whew!

I already author a blog for work which I love but I’ve also come to want a space to write about all the other thoughts (yes mostly fashion related ones) down. So here it is. Beginnings are always a bit rough so suffer me the growing pains until I get into the swing of things. Its going to be a lovely trip.

Since its Easter I had yet another excuse for a themed outfit, one of my fav outfit challenges of all time. I found this one a treat as I am already currently obsessed with everything mint/peach,/pale pink/any other pleasing pastel shade. I went for a sixties two piece and a little pink hat that looks just like some kind of delicious candy. The lovely Lou Lou also joined me in dressing up for the coming of chocolate, bunnies and parents. Think we did quite well considering we were suffering from lack of sleep due to 5am giggle fits:


Hat from This Shop Rocks, 2 piece sixties set from Beyond Retro Cheshire


Hoppy Easter everyone and have an Eggcellent bank holiday!!


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